International Concepts is a brand concept development, retailing and franchise advisory

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Are you considering becoming a franchisor as means of multiplying your potential? Professional advice at the outset will save a great deal of money and trouble in the long run. Poor decisions or cutting corners may prove to seriously increase risks and harm the revenue potential. Our advisory programmes will define, implement and facilitate the tasks required towards establishing licensors or collective individual license presentations under your company’s own intellection property registries rights.

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International Concepts Holdings was founded in 1990 when we introduced Scandinavian & European fashion, accessories, furniture, and interior design concepts to the Middle East region, because of the exceptional designs, reputation for quality and functionality of their products. This vision expanded across retail and geographical markets making the offering a truly eclectic mix to meet the needs of the multi-cultural region of the Middle East. Today, International Concepts is a Middle East based consultancy with stern ethical & reputable business standards - and over 25 years proven track working experience with both franchisors and franchisees. By establishing rigid standards of excellence, we ensure that only the best brands will be married with reputable business partners - and thus provide consumers with the ultimate retailing experience.


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